Discover Café Andrade Playa: A Historic Restaurant with 20 Years of Excellence

white ceramic bowl with blue berries
white ceramic bowl with blue berries

Discover the authentic taste of Café Andrade

Immerse yourself in a unique experience and enjoy the unparalleled taste of our coffee. With over 20 years of history in Playa del Carmen, Café Andrade is proud to offer the best quality and variety of coffee in town. Our green, white and brown colors reflect our passion for tradition and excellence. Come and discover why we are the favorite place for coffee lovers in Playa del Carmen.

Original Mexican Coffee

Immerse yourself in the unique sensory experience offered by our coffee from Veracruz, cultivated at an altitude of 1100 meters. Nestled in the majestic highlands of this region, our plantations are caressed by the fresh breeze descending from the mountains, providing the perfect climate to grow exceptionally high-quality coffee beans. The elevation of 1100 meters imparts intense and complex flavors to our coffee, with unique nuances that capture the very essence of this terroir. Each cup is an aromatic journey that celebrates the richness of the land and the dedication of those who cultivate with passion. Discover the magic of Veracruz in every sip.


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